“Bridging the Gap... Engineering Solutions for the Developing World”

Download the 2002
Delegates' Booklet

From the Delegates' Booklet:

The rapid and widespread growth of Engineers Without Borders has resulted produced satellite chapters across North America and beyond. Enthusiasm, ideas, knowledge and resources are abundant within each chapter; this is our first opportunity to bring it all together. This is the time to share what is unique to each of our 17 chapters, to learn from each others' experiences, and to learn how to spread EWB's mission statement to areas yet undiscovered.

The McGill chapter of EWB is honoured to host the first Engineers Without Borders conference and we hope that your experience in Montreal will be a memorable one. This conference is a learning experience for all of us and we look forward not only to the conference events, and the knowledge that we will acquire from them, but also to meeting you, and learning from you.