2003 Conference Videos: David Hughes

David Hughes specializes in the management and transformation of non-profit organizations and is known for his bottom-line results-oriented approach to improving the performance, accountability and sustainability of such organizations.

His experiences span over 50 countries and many disciplines. He has had first-hand exposure to the effects of famine, poverty, discrimination, segregation, civil injustice and armed conflict. He has seen the worst side of humankind, but also seen the enormous generosity and selflessness exhibited by people from all walks of life.

These experiences have given David Hughes insight into the challenges and opportunities facing organizations at home and abroad, and reinforced his belief in the unlimited good that can be done by well-run and well-intentioned charities and nonprofits. With this in mind he has dedicated his career to working with such organizations, advancing their role in society, and helping them improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which they contribute to a more civil and humane society.

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