“Towards the Millennium Development Goals”

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From the Delegates' Booklet:

Welcome to Toronto and the third annual Engineers Without Borders (EWB) national conference, Canada's largest international development conference! We thank you for joining us for what promises to be an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating event, in which over 350 participants and speakers from across Canada and the rest of the world will come together to discuss strategies for addressing the most pressing challenges to human development.

Through this year's conference, entitled "Toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)", we hope that you will gain a strong understanding of the goals and challenges that surround development work, and also learn about the specific ways that your actions both overseas and in Canada can help achieve these goals. In addition, our conference team has worked diligently over the last eight months to make this year's conference the most sustainable in Canadian history, with the goal of emphasizing some of the individual actions you can take here in Canada to promote development overseas. Ultimately, we hope that you will leave this conference inspired and committed to taking action towards achieving the MDGs and EWB's mission to "promote human development through access to technology".