“Making Connections”

Download the 2005 Delegates' Booklet

From the Delegates' Booklet:

Welcome to Vancouver and to the fourth annual Engineers Without Borders National conference! This year's conference is a little smaller than previous conferences because our focus is you, the EWB member, and your role within the organization, within Canada, and overseas. For the next four days, you and 260 people like you will be guided to make the connection between your actions and impact at local and international levels by listening to stimulating speakers, attending exciting workshops, and getting to know members from across Canada.

"Making Connections..." this year's conference title, reminds us that we are all connected. Clearly stated, this means your action impacts someone else. And so along with making connections comes the theme of making informed choices and decisions. EWB's mission is to 'promote human development through access to technology', and making the connection and asking the right questions will assist you in your personal endeavour to carry out EWB's mission whether that be in your local high school or in a village in Senegal.

We have created a conference that will stimulate you to think and connect on many levels. We have provided you opportunity to meet and get to know other EWB members and to weave a connection with them; we have presented visual stimulus so you will see how you are connected to EWB's projects world wide; we have provoked you with questions and facts and hope you will discuss these with fellow EWBers; and we have invited a world- class list of speakers to advance your understanding of and connection to development work at home and abroad.