2007 Conference Videos: Robert Fox

Robert Fox is Executive Director of Oxfam Canada. Robert has been involved with Oxfam for more than thirty years, first as a high school student in the 60's participating in the Miles for Millions walk, then again in the 80's as a volunteer at the national office, then as a program officer for Central America, and then as the Representative for Central America and Mexico, based in Managua, Nicaragua in the early 90's.

As well, he has worked as Director of Communications for the Canadian Union of Public Employees, leading their campaign and communications efforts, and as a consultant for a wide range of anti-poverty groups and social justice organizations. Along the way, he has also served as chair of the board of a community health centre, a community legal clinic and a group that advocates for people with disabilities, and he was active for many years in the Coalition for Aid to Nicaragua.

Since returning to Oxfam in the summer of 2005, Robert has journeyed to the Horn of Africa, including Darfur, Southern Africa and Central America to meet with program partners and has traveled extensively within Canada speaking on campuses and meeting with supporters and allies.

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