“Unite So We May Discuss and Understand”

Canada's largest international development conference, and Engineers Without Borders' 10th anniversary

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John Githongo
Length: 28:33
CEO, Inuka Kenya Trust
Megan Smith
Length: 22:58
Vice President, New Business Development & General Manager, Google.org
Eric Beinhocker
Length: 48:28
Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute
Owen Barder
Length: 28:08
Director, Aidinfo
David Snowden
Length: 27:03
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge
Martin Fisher
Length: 1:21:35
Co-Founder & CEO, KickStart
Face of Engineers - Public Perception and Strategy
Length: 43:31
Legacies of Canadian Engineering
Length: 1:13:31
Why Aid Failure Matters
Length: 1:36:54
Smart Aid - Not Just More. Better.
Length: 1:11:21
Creative Corporate Alliances
Length: 56:28
Starting a Social Enterprise
Length: 57:43
Creating Change through Social Media
Length: 56:54
Community Driven Behaviour change - Lessons from Africa and Canada
Length: 1:05:02
China in Africa - The Next Decade
Length: 1:19:07
MP Panel - Creating More Effective Aid
Length: 1:03:39
Natural Resource Extraction - Overcoming the Resource Curse
Length: 54:23
The Paradox of Scale
Length: 56:51
Assessing Performance in a Low Feedback Environment
Length: 1:07:42
Managing and Monitoring for Learning
Length: 52:01
Launch of AdmittingFailures.com
Length: 34:19
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