2011 Conference Videos

John Githongo

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Length: 28:33
CEO, Inuka Kenya Trust

John Githong, CEO, Inuka Kenya Trust

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Megan Smith

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Length: 22:58
Vice President, New Business Development & General Manager, Google.org

Megan Smith, Vice President, New Business Development & General Manager, Google.org

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Eric Beinhocker

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Length: 48:28
Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

Eric Beinhocker, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

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Owen Barder

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Length: 28:08
Director, Aidinfo

Owen Barder, Director, Aidinfo

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David Snowden

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Length: 27:03
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge

David Snowden, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge

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Martin Fisher

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Length: 1:21:35
Co-Founder & CEO, KickStart

Martin Fisher, Co-Founder & CEO, KickStart

Concludes with conversation between Martin Fisher and John Githongo, about the future of Africa.

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Calculator crunchers. Technical experts. Regulation followers. What is the current public image of Canadian engineers? What are they known and respected for? And what marketing and communication is driving this image?

An examination of current engineering communications strategies will be paired with insights from marketing and communications experts. Delegates will collaborate to...   Read more »

Legacies of Canadian Engineering

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Length: 1:13:31

In the past century, leading Canadian engineers have driven powerful innovations for societal change domestically and globally. The engineering community is now distributed through a vast cross section of industries, research, and education; and is interwoven at a global level. In the next 10, 20, and 50 years, what will be the future legacies of Canadian engineers? How will we be known on...   Read more »

Why Aid Failure Matters

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Length: 1:36:54

This session will explore why aid failure matters in our attempts to improve aid effectiveness. More than 60 years since it became a key element of international development, we still don't know decisively what works and what doesn't work in aid. So how do we break out of this cycle? How do we "fail brilliantly" and learn from those mistakes?

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Smart Aid - Not Just More. Better.

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Length: 1:11:21

This session will address the issue of how we can drastically improve the quality and effectiveness of development aid. At a donor government level, mature discussion about aid approaches is often crippled by an over-emphasis on the amount of aid given, while issues of quality and improving approaches to aid tend to be under-discussed. This session will explore how to improve donor...   Read more »

Creative Corporate Alliances

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Length: 56:28

As the workplace hub for the majority of Canadian engineering graduates, private industry plays a critical role in their ongoing education, development, and growth. What are the unique programs and opportunities for global engineers within the workplace? How can their skills be refined and put to best use within the private sector?

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Starting a Social Enterprise

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Length: 57:43

Six social entrepreneurs will share their success, challenges and experiences of starting their own ventures. If you have ever considered starting your own social enterprise, for profit or not, this panel will be insightful and inspirational.

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Creating Change through Social Media

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Length: 56:54

This panel discussion will explore the ability for social media and online platforms to create real "offline" change. The internet has provided enormous opportunities to share information and stay connected—and this is changing the way we view social change. Find out about past and future opportunities in this exciting field, and where this culture shift is taking us!

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Community Driven Behaviour change - Lessons from Africa and Canada

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Length: 1:05:02

First, two experts will give short TED-style talks to share their best practices in creating change. The first will share experience with using Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in African communities to introduce good sanitation practices and make them stick. The second will talk about Zero Footprint, an environmental behaviour change movement in Canadian schools.

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China in Africa - The Next Decade

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Length: 1:19:07

China has more influence and sustained impact on African development than the development sector, and its influence is growing.

Three main ways China impacts development in Africa:
1. Resource Extraction
2. Retail Markets
3. Wars/arms

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MP Panel - Creating More Effective Aid

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Length: 1:03:39

During the EWB Conference, a dozen Canadian Members of Parliament participated in a five-hour forum on aid and development.

After a short review of the Forum on Aid and Development and its outcomes, MPs from all major national parties will share their thoughts and reflections on aid and development and the forum. Delegates will then have the opportunity to ask questions of these...   Read more »

Extractive industries generate millions of dollars for African countries. Many extractive Canadian industries have robust Corporate Social Responsibility programs, objectives and activities. However, here is a disconnect between the language and the priorities of the extractive industry and the language and priorities of the development sector. The extractive industry takes pride in...   Read more »

The Paradox of Scale

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Length: 56:51

Achieving scaled Impact is a hot topic in the international development scene, as agencies all over the world struggle to solve the urgent and massive problem of poverty. With this need for scale, more money is going out the door and bigger projects are being implemented every day.

More is good, right? Bigger is Better? Well not always.

There is an unavoidable paradox plaguing...   Read more »

Assessing Performance in a Low Feedback Environment

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Length: 1:07:42

In the private sector, winners are determined by profits and by the ability to please customers. In democratic governments, winners are determined by votes. At least in principle, in both of these cases, customers and voters have the ultimate power. In the context of international development, the process is not as straight-forward.

There is a split between the people who pay for the...   Read more »

Managing and Monitoring for Learning

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Length: 52:01

A prominent issue in economic development initiatives is the acknowledgement of the complexity of the systems. The practice of separating learning and implementation for large-scale projects cannot be afforded in development. We must fuse an adaptable system where implementation and learning take place simultaneously—an organizational capacity allowing for scale while maintaining the...   Read more »

Launch of AdmittingFailures.com

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Length: 34:19

The development community is failing... to learn from failure. Instead of recognizing these experiences as learning opportunities, we hide them away out of fear and embarrassment.

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